“Responding to the Need for Affordable Supportive Housing for Individuals with Mental Illness in North/Northwest Suburban Cook County”

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A Place Called Home

The Vision:

We propose to help create and oversee the operation  of safe, affordable, permanent supportive housing for individuals with living with serious mental illness who are living in the north or northwest suburbs of Chicago.

The Building :
May  be a single apartment building or perhaps two adjacent buildings. Each resident would have his or her own one-bedroom or a studio apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom facilities. There would also be a common area where residents could socialize or meet for group activities. The site will also have office space for professional staff.

The residents will pay rent limited to no more than one-third of the resident’s monthly income. Each resident will have a lease, just as he or she would have in any other apartment.

Supportive Services:
To provide case management and other supportive services, the Task Force will partner with a mental health service provider . The case management staff will coordinate other supportive services, including psychiatric services, counseling, education and job training.

Our Clients

  • will be single adults or small families from the north and northwest suburban area who
  •  have serious and persistent mental illness, and who
  • are currently housed inappropriately. and who
  • might be currently living in such places as nursing homes or perhaps at home with ageing parents – parents who might  currently be trying to serve as their case managers, or who
  • might be homeless

The Model:

Treatment will be based on the recovery model which looks at treatment as a journey of healing and transformation enabling a person with mental illness to live a meaningful life in a community while striving to achieve his or her full potential. The recovery model works. A large body of research shows that mental illness is a treatable disease. With recovery-based treatment, the vast majority of individuals with mental illness will see significant alleviation of their symptoms. Many will recover to the point where they are able to return to a life in the community, and to live normal, self-supporting, productive lives.